Jazeera Airways

What was the brief?

Jazeera Airways is a low cost carrier (LCC) airline headquartered out of Kuwait. Their objective was to sell tickets from Kuwait for their various routes. 

The performance of the client’s campaigns with other vendors had plateaued, so we were briefed to help them increase ROI and new customer acquisition through programmatic display. 

What did we do?

Before we launched our campaign we researched Jazeera Airways’ brand. We then devised a long-term strategy that would drive new customer acquisition and achieve incremental growth on ROI. 

We delivered personalized dynamic ads to users based on their location and language preference. We also used website pixel data to collect flight search details from users, then populated the creative with lowest possible prices from the data feed. 

For example, if a user in Kuwait is browsing the web in Arabic and searching for sunny destinations across the web, they will be served with an Arabic creative with the Kuwaiti currency (KWD) to destinations they have previously searched for.

What were the results?

Ticket sales

Final ROI of 20:1.We ran a combination of prospecting, re-targeting and meta search (OTA) strategies with the allocated budgets. Continuous optimization based on learning and seasonality enabled us to drive over 50,000 ticket sales in H1 2019. 

What did we learn?

Our dynamic creative insights enabled us to pinpoint the top performing routes and origin destinations. Kuwait to Indian destinations were identified as the top routes. 

We also learnt that the top performing days of the week are Sunday-Wednesday, as users typically planned and booked their weekend flights on weekdays. 

Users also preferred to book tickets during evenings outside of working hours. 6-12 pm drove the lowest overall CPAs. For this airline, users preferred to book tickets via the desktop web as appose to the mobile web.

How did users book their tickets? 

Desktop 88%
Mobile 11%
Tablet 1%

What was the client’s reaction?

Based on our performance, we have evolved into an always-on partner, achieving various upweights as well as new campaigns for their package holidays and new destinations.

Initially we had multiple programmatic partners helping us with Jazeera Airways, but we decided to consolidate our display activity with Crimtan to have an end-to-end solution from prospecting to retargeting. 

We were looking for a partner who didn’t just white label a dynamic creative solution, but put DCO at the heart of their retargeting performance product so we can always operate at peak efficiency for our strongest performing tactics.

We’ve been very happy with the results and are delighted to work with Crimtan as their service levels are way above the standard we are used to seeing in the region.

Bence Bathi, Head of Paid Media, RBBI

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