This Massive 165-inch 4K Display Can Fold into An Aluminum Slab in 30 Seconds

Absurdly big TVs are the staple of every CES trade show. Even if we’ve kind of seen it all by now, the past time has recently started to grow a little boring, but at least one company has managed to draw some attention. A business named C Seed is showcasing a 165-inch TV known as the N1, which, when folded into an aluminium base, can function as both a massive 4K TV and a “timeless” piece of art. These works of “art” are also not inexpensive; each one is custom-made and can cost up to $300,000.

According to the basic specifications, the TV should have decent picture quality. Its max brightness is 1,000 nits, and its 4K screen with mini-LEDs improves colour quality and contrast. The C Seed N1 is available in three different sizes from the manufacturer: 165inch, 137inch, and 103inch. The television flattens into smaller panels and vanishes into the aluminium base with the push of a button, transforming it into a stationary piece of art. The folding procedure, which looks like a metal bench when finished, takes around 2.5 minutes.

The Folded Aluminum TV | CSeed

A fibre optic connection that transforms into an ethernet connects the five separate panels (slabs) that make up the original display. Those display slabs only accept Ethernet as a connection type. You could assume that a seam would be evident due to the slabs opening individually; however, the company offers a clever solution to this issue.

CSeed used a technique that makes the space between micro-oled pixels disappear by making them marginally brighter than the rest. This is done on both sides of the crease. This is a super cool solution and it works pretty well.

The C Seed 1 comes with a champagne or silver base colour, so you may choose it to fit your room’s style, depending on its expected surroundings. There is a six-month waiting period from the time you order until your TV comes because each one is created to order.

This is clearly not a high-volume product, as the company has allegedly sold 200 units in a decade. It appears like a steal for $110,000 for the 103-inch model, $300,000 for the 165-inch, and $200,000 for the 137-inch. The business also offers an outdoor 137inch model for $240,000; however, the specifications of this model are not yet known.

Source: Cseed


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